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Quotes and Endorsements

" If everyone in the UK was trained to do CPR (chest compressions), we could increase the survival rate to that seen in Sweden and some parts of the USA.If more places in the UK had automatic defibrillator machines in public places, we could also increase survival rates – these machines can save lives, if used within eight minutes of the cardiac arrest. "
DR DOUG SKEHAN Heartsafe UK Project Director

" Nothing is more important than players' safety, so we're delighte tohave had this training, which will be of great benefit to everyone at the club. While we all hope we never have to use it, this training could one day mean the difference between life and death. I'd encourage anyone involved in a sports club locally to get in touch with the JHMT and arrange a session. "
PAUL HUGHES Vice chair of Loughborough Town Cricket Club

"This is a chance for us all to learn a few simple skills that could make a huge difference between life and death. "
DAVID MORLEYKnighton Park Table Tennis Club

" Every second counts when it comes to saving a life. I have first-hand experience of SADS. When my son was younger, he was part of Birmingham City's development squad. His coach was in his mid-20s and died on the pitch whilst playing. It was put down to SADS. I hope none of the lads ever have to use the techniques they learnt on the course, but if they have do to it's great knowing they will be able to act whilst waiting for paramedics. "
DARREN CREED AFC Andrews under-15s coach

" The focus is on teaching people simple skills that could mean the vital difference between life and death. "
ALAN HARRISON WHITE JHMT training instructor

" I'm proud to be patron of the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust and I give my full support to Joe's Mini Heartstart for Sports. Nothing is more important than keeping young people safe and by ensuring that as many people as possible know how to react in an emergency situation, we are doing all we can to minimise risk to young lives. "
MARTIN JOHNSON CBE JHMT patron and former England, British Irish Lions and Leicester Tigers rugby captain