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About the Awards

Aims of the Scheme

The Inspire Awards will provide financial assistance to young people aged 13 to 21 years old. The exact amount provided will depend on their personal needs. Small grants of up to £500 are available.

The awards are open to young people who live in Leicester or Leicestershire.

To be eligible for an award you need to be:

  • Preparing or training for a competition in a significant sporting activity, recognised by the Trust or
  • Pursuing a project to benefit your local community, or
  • An artist or musician looking to develop your talent
  • A young entrepreneur looking to develop ideas and concepts

The Trust will also encourage the sharing of knowledge and practical experience, with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs to develop ideas and concepts. This will provide an alternative to a financial reward through a series of mentors and contacts.

Who can apply?

Young people aged 13 – 21, who live permanently in Leicester or Leicestershire.

To apply, simply complete an online application form

You can also download a copy of the application form to complete. If you require further information regarding the awards or assistance in completing your application form please contact JHMT

The Trust will aim to acknowledge all applications within 5 working days and to determine all applications within 28 days.

Please read our full terms and conditions for more information

Criteria for Award

Principles for consideration of application for awards:

1. Purpose

1.1 To help young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

1.2 To financially assist or provide counselling or expertise to young people with potential (according to their personal needs).

2. Criteria

The Awards are to be made to those individuals of proven ability who have potential to excel in their fields of sport, the creative arts, business entrepreneurs or their community, and reflect the spirit of the JHMT legacy.

3. Budget

3.1 The Trustees will allocate an annual budget from a date they determine both cumulatively and for individual awards. Not more than one award will be made to an individual annually but individuals can apply each year. A previous award of a grant does not guarantee a successful application in subsequent years.

3.2 It should be noted that not all individuals who meet the criteria will receive awards due to the limited finance available for distribution.

3.3 Any underspend in a year will be carried forward to the next year.

4. Eligibility

4.1 Applicants must be aged 13 and over at the time of application.

4.2 Applications will not be considered in retrospect.

4.3 Recipients who following an award do not submit a report to the Trust on how a previous award was used and results attained will not be considered for a future award.

4.4 Subject to the Trustee's discretion only one individual from an organisation will be eligible for an award in any one year.

5. Awards

5.1 Applications should be submitted on the approved online application form or downloaded application form from www.jhmt.org.uk/inspire and if written must be completed in full, legible, preferably typed or printed in black ink.

5.2 Written applications must be signed by the individual, and the parent/guardian (if applicant is under 18) and be submitted to the email address provided.

Evidence of age and residence will be required should your application be successful.

5.3 Recipients will be informed by email of the award payment which will be made by cheque or BACS normally in two equal amounts depending on the award being made. The funds will be submitted to the person/organisation submitted on the application form. As part of our award you will be required to complete an online blog advising progress of the award you have received and this may be a condition of the final payment.

5.4 The nominated officer of the Trust shall consult with the relevant members of the Committee, appointed from time to time by the Trustees, and shall make a decision based on a simple majority of those Committee members responding. In the event of deadlock, the nominated officer shall determine whether an award is to be made.

5.5 All decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Trust and are not subject to any appeal Written reasons for objection will be at the sole discretion of the Trust and subject to budget.