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Dylan Traves

Dylan Traves



Junior World Chmapionships 2017

As a Karate athlete to go to the junior world championships, one of the highest stages of the sport is an amazing opportunity. With 107 countries competing and over 1600 athletes the standard of competition was the highest it could be at a junior level. The competition was over 5 days with various England Team members competing at various times, my event team kata was on Friday. Therefore on the Friday me and the other team members one of which was my brother Aron were in the warm up room practicing, running through combinations of moves staying in synchronisation. Our first round we had a bye meaning we got to go through to the second round without facing anyone, we would therefore have to face the winner out of South Africa and Brazil. Brazil won so we had Brazil 1st round. We went out then to Brazil 5-0, happy with our performance against the more experienced team; we waited to see if Brazil would make the final giving us the chance to fight for Bronze in the repechage. However in the quarter final they lost to France 3-2 we felt undeservedly therefore we were out of the competition. The experience was amazing and will help me with my Karate further on and for the upcoming Junior Europeans in Sochi, Russia I have been selected for to compete in representing England. Thankyou JHMT for all you help and support.

8th Nov, 2017

Aron Traves

Aron Traves



Junior World Karate Championships 2017

Aron's blog

The junior world karate championships were something I had never witnessed or competed in before. The whole atmosphere of the stadium was electric as national teams, in the stands, were chanting so loudly it made me feel more nervous but excited than ever before. Especially when I was one of the first competitors to compete in my individual section I could really feel the roaring noises as approximately 5000 people were looking down on you from the stands above. In my individual section I had the UAE first round, who was in the top 20 in the world, but I lost 5-0 on the judge's votes. On the following Friday I competed in the team kata with my brother, Dylan Traves and James Raynor however I felt way more confident after competing on the Tuesday beforehand. However, despite having a buy in the first round we lost to Brazil 5-0 in the 2nd round. Despite coming back without any medals, it was such an intense atmosphere to participate in, which'll help me in so many competitions to come after competing against some of the best people for my age in the world it was such an amazing event to be part of and one I would like to someday be part of again

7th Nov, 2017

William Bell

William Bell


Swim England Swimming National Pathway Programme

Delighted that I have been selected to attend Phase 2 of this development programme for the 3rd year running. This camp is designed to support young swimmers like myself, in their ambition to achieve senior international podium success, enhancing their swimming specific knowledge. We will have pool time, dry land training and practical workshops, lots to look forward to.

26th Oct, 2017

Daisy Platts

Daisy Platts


A Strong Start

Well, the 2017/18 season has got off to a great start.

Not any big races so far - but back to training after the summer holidays with lots of technical drills.

Great news came last month as I was re-selected for the Beacon programme!

Packing now ready for the AASE camp in Tenerife on Wednesday, looking forward to refining my skills and some warm weather training.

23rd Oct, 2017

William Bell

William Bell


Exciting news

Re: Top 100 rankings 2017 long course swims (as of 18 September 2017) of swimmers from all federations born after Jan 1999. Proud to say that I have broken into the top 100 world wide, for my 1500 free, raced at EYOF Gyor in the summer.

20th Sep, 2017

Season over

I can finally say the 2017 season is over!

It's been a season filled with highs and lows, with the disappointment of narrowly missing out on the national final early on in the season and then messing up my race at English schools, I've had to learn to pick myself up and keep on trying. It was amazing to get to compete in my first international event for the England Midlands squad, an honour I couldn't have dreamed of at the start of the season and I will head into winter training this year driven towards bettering my performances next year and hopefully progressing further in the sport.

I am currently on an end of season break to recover before winter training begins on 2nd October, where I will then be looking forward to what I hope will be a successful indoor season!

I would like to say a big thanks to JHMT and the Inspire team for gifting me a grant at the start of the season, I would not be where I am without it!

Thank you!!!

11th Sep, 2017

William Bell

William Bell



National School Games Finals 2017

Really enjoyed racing last weekend for Central England. The atmosphere was fantastic in the pool and I was delighted with my gold in the 1500 free. My turns have improved and I was so pleased with the way I paced the race as it was tough so early in the season, which began last week! Am learning all the time and enjoying the 1500 more and more. Also a gold in the Boys 4x200 free relay. Very exciting race!

5th Sep, 2017

Lucy Sharp

Lucy Sharp



Deaflympics Turkey 2017

Its is now just over a month since I came back from the Deaflympics that were held in Samsun, Turkey. The whole experience was amazing and I met people from various different countries whilst at the event.

In respect of the swimming, the Olympic pool in Samsun was a great place to swim and the light system used to start races was great help. I achieved personal bests in all my individual events and was also involved in the relays where I achieved personal bests.

I am now looking towards getting selected for the team that will be going to the European Deaf Swimming championships in Poland in July 2018, and am therefore back at training after a few weeks break.

3rd Sep, 2017


Special Olympics GB National Games Sheffield

I have just come back from the Special Olympics GB National Games in Sheffield. I had a great time and was proud to be representing the East Midlands in tennis. In the singles, I had some very close games and came 4th. In the doubles, my partner and I were ranked in the top group and rose to the challenge to win a bronze medal. I would like to thank the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust for the grant that they gave me for my coaching, which really helped me prepare well for the Special Olympics GB National Games in Sheffield. I am now training for the Southern Region Competition in London and the Tennis Foundation National Learning Disability Championships at Nottingham in October.

29th Aug, 2017

Caitlin Killeen

Caitlin Killeen

Creative Arts


G?RL is 'Inspired'!


Just a teenage girl...trying to figure out how to be one!

My name is Caitlin, and I'm a blogger. My blog is called G?RL.

On my blog I share my experiences of growing up and the challenges I face, at school, at home, anywhere really. This growing up isn't easy, and there's no right way to do it. The blog is called G?RL because I believe that girls have a tough time trying to conform, girls get judged for lots of reasons, how they look, what clothes they wear, what hobbies they have. I'm passionate about equality, and want G?RL to make a difference, I'm going to be selling merchandise from my G?RL range, and I'm going to donate profits to different equality charities around the world, I'm gonna concentrate on those charities that stand up for girls rights, particularly rights to an education around the world. I can't wait to get started, G?RL for all girls who just want to be themselves!

My grant from Inspire has helped my to get my first hat and t-shirt designed! I can't wait to get them online and start promoting G?RL. I met with a great designer from a company called Beanface, we talked through design, materials, price, and how I will run my business, it was great to learn from his experience too!

Thanks Inspire!


25th Aug, 2017