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Teachers Urged to Join SADS Conference 2015

Posted: Mon, 08 Jun 2015

Teachers Urged to Join SADS Conference 2015

The third annual SADS Awareness Conference is being organised by local charity the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT) in conjunction with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

It takes place on Friday 2nd October at Leicester City Football Club.

The conference is of particular interest to anyone who works with young people undertaking physical activity. Delegates will find out how easy and quick it is to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and why it's vital to get hold of a defibrillator quickly if someone collapses.

SADS stands for sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. It's part of a group of subtle heart diseases that claim the lives of 12 teenagers and young adults, aged 12-35, every week in the UK. Some conditions causing SADS affect whole families.

Because SADS often affects seemingly fit and healthy young people, it commonly comes to light during physical activity.

Doug Keast, director of sport at Crown Hills Community College, is one of the teachers who has already signed up to the SADS Awareness conference.

He said: "This initiative has raised awareness of an often undetected condition in young people. As a lifelong teacher, coach and sports participant I would urge people to attend this conference.

"It is sobering to contemplate the huge number of sport sessions I have led over 25 years, often as the only adult. This conference is the ideal starting point towards getting the practical skills and knowledge you need to be able to help prevent the loss of young lives."

Matt Byrne, assistant principal and director of PE and sport at Rawlins Academy, in Quorn,said: "It is essential that we continue to raise awareness and develop our sporting leaders' knowledge of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome.

"PE teachers and colleagues involved with PE lessons, extra-curricular physical activity sessions and competitive fixtures devote much of their time to ensuring young people have opportunities to flourish. With this comes a responsibility for wellbeing and knowing how to act effectively in emergency situations.

"This is one piece of a teacher's professional development that could save someone's life and a great opportunity for PE departments and sports clubs to offer support to a trust that truly makes a difference."

Online booking is now open for the conference, which falls on the eve of the festival of rugby week in the city, when three Rugby World Cup group 2015 matches take place at the LCFC King Power stadium.

The event will be opened by Martin Johnson, former England rugby captain and patron of the JHMT.

Martin said: "SADS and other subtle heart diseases can strike anyone, at any time. That's why it's so important that teachers, youth leaders and sports club coaches know the signs and know what to do if someone collapses."

Dr Ffion Davies, consultant in A&E at Leicester's Hospitals, said: "Anyone who deals with teenagers and people in their 20s may one day have to perform resuscitation."

The conference has been tailored to allow flexible attendance – delegates can choose to take part in a morning session, an afternoon session, or attend all day.

Pricing has also been arranged flexibly to make the conference as accessible as possible. Registration fees start from £10 for an afternoon session for a student. An all-day place will cost a maximum of £65.

Workshops included in the conference programme cover topics such as ECG recognition, screening for families, bereavement and family support, and how to spot the warning signs of SADS. There will also be a simulated scene of someone collapsing with SADS.

To kick off the sports session in the afternoon, a sports 'question time' with cardiology specialists will open up the debate on the topic of screening young people in sport.

Guest speakers will include Dr Graham Stuart, a cardiologist from Bristol and Dr Rajay Narain, a cardiologist from London, as well as Dr Kal Parmar, a sports specialist from London.

To book a place, please apply online at http://jhmt.org.uk/events

For all enquiries, please contact Vicky Wills, fundraising and events co-ordinator, on vickywills.jhmt@hotmail.co.uk

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