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Ruffle the Rail Dog and his lifesaving message help to launch this year’s SADS Awareness Week

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2017

Ruffle the Rail Dog and his lifesaving message help to launch this year’s SADS Awareness Week

The story of Ruffle the Life Saver is the latest in the adventures of Ruffle the Rail Dog, a series of books written and illustrated by local author Rachel Greaves.

Rachel has written and illustrated the story in association with local charity the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT), which will donate copies of the book to every primary school in the city and county to mark SADS Awareness Week.

SADS Awareness Week runs from 2-8 October and is the JHMT's annual week of activity to promote its important work campaigning for better understanding and recognition of SADS – sudden arrhythmic death syndrome – and other heart conditions which can strike very suddenly, particularly in seemingly fit and healthy young people between 12 – 35 years old.

This year, as part of SADS Awareness Week, the JHMT will be showing how even very young children can help to save a life in the event of a cardiac emergency – either by raising the alarm or, in the case of older primary school children, learning CPR skills.

Lauren Humphries from the JHMT said: "Ruffle's story is ideal for helping us to spread the message that no matter what age, everyone can play their part to save in case of a cardiac emergency.

"In the story, Ruffle raises the alarm – just as younger children can do – when he sees someone collapse in suspected cardiac arrest. The book then shows how people use their CPR and defibrillator skills to revive the victim, so that he is breathing by the time the ambulance arrives.

"Stories like this one normalise defibrillator and CPR training, which is exactly what we want for the next generation."

To mark the launch of SADS Week, on Monday 2 October the JHMT will be releasing balloons at Woodstock Primary School in Leicester, as well as training staff and pupils at the school in vital lifesaving skills.

Author Rachel Greaves will also be on hand with her Ruffle the Rail Dog puppet and pupils will be shown a film introducing the story.

Rachel said: "I feel very humbled and pleased to think that my creation of Ruffle could be used to potentially help save lives".

The JHMT will organise for copies of Ruffle the Life Saver to be sent to all city and county primary schools to help raise awareness of the importance of CPR and defibrillator training.

SADS Awareness Week will include a full programme of community CPR training sessions and specialist talks conducted by the JHMT's medical professionals. To find out more, take a look around the website or check out @jhmtorguk on Twitter and facebook.com/jhmtorguk

To view the Ruffle the Life Saver film online, visit jhmt.org.uk/cpr

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