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Our Aims

The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust will:

  • Promote education and training for young people and those who live and work with young people, into how to react to unexpected life threatening situations.
  • Promote research into, and awareness of, sudden unexpected death in young people.
  • Inspire young people to fulfil their potential and develop their talents.

This is without doubt a most fitting tribute to such a gentle, loveable and humble giant who in his very short life has touched the hearts and minds of so many people across the community. Just an ordinary Joe, with an extraordinary talent and ability to reach out to people and who lived life to the full.

The Trust 's programme will include campaigns, events and activities which will enable everyone to play their part in keeping Joe's goodness and legacy alive for generations to come.

It is very easy to underestimate the value of young life when you have never been directly affected by the loss of a fit, healthy and loveable young person.

Sadly we are just one of the many families who have.

Medical Aims for 2017 & Beyond

In collaboration with other partner agencies in Leicester/shire Secondary Schools Heartwize Programme:

  • Ensure a quality assured programme of CPR training is maintained in all Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Secondary Schools.
  • Support the inclusion of basic CPR into the school curriculum for young people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, which will give each person a lifelong skill capable of improving the outcome for those who collapse from heart conditions.

In addition:

  • Increase the number of sports clubs to adopt CPR training and provide a greater number of their personnel capable of performing CPR whenever training, playing league matches or hosting events, tournaments and camps.
  • Facilitate the purchase of a suitable AED within every sporting facility and academic institution. Wherever possible defibrillators should be accessible at all times – they could therefore be better described as Public Access Defibrillators (PADs).
  • Organise further medical meetings and an annual SADS Conference. At least one of these meetings will occur on, or near to, 4 October (anniversary of Joe's death). These meetings will be open to all professionals where SADS may impinge, as well as those coaching or caring for younger athletes at all levels of expertise.
  • Continue to encourage events that raise public awareness of SADS. These events should be targeted towards schools and sports facilities, ensuring easy accessed to all parents and young people.
  • Continue to support the development of a targeted educational and awareness programme.
  • Encourage the co-ordination between the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) and Public Health (PH). This campaign should also include all those who deal with young people (e.g. school nurses, ambulance staff and sports facilities first aid staff).
  • Work in partnership with University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) to support the creation and adoption of UHL clinics for investigation of SADS affected families as well as clinics to investigate those at risk of SADS-related and congenital cardiac disorders.
  • Raise the understanding of targeted heart screening for young people in Leicester and Leicestershire who engage in active sport to check for otherwise undetected heart conditions.
  • Working with UHL to improve the support currently provided to families following a sudden cardiac death (SADS – related) of teenagers and young adults.
  • Support any opportunities into research into SADS, initially by disseminating any findings.

Inspire Awards

To develop further the JHMT Inspire Awards - small grants scheme, to help young people, 13 - 21 years old, flourish across a wide variety of community, sports, entrepreneurial and creative arts activities.