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Our Aims

The Overarching Aims of JHMT are Twofold:

to facilitate increased awareness and understanding with the aim of reducing the impact and incidence of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) in young people

  • to inspire young people to fulfil their potential.

Original Charities Deed Objectives

  1. To promote research into, and awareness of, sudden unexpected death in young people
  2. To promote education and training for young people and those who live and work with young people about how to react to unexpected life threatening situations
  3. To inspire young people to fulfill their potential and develop their talents

Medical Objectives

  • To maximise the chances of survival of those who suffer a heart arrhythmia by the teaching of both CPR skills and Defibrillator Awareness. The JHMT focus is primarily on those most likely to be in close proximity when such an incident occurs and thus targets those who engage in and/or support young people in the whole range of active sports and leisure pursuits.
  • JHMT fully supports the introduction of CPR training within schools and is delighted that it will soon become entrenched nationally in the school curriculum. Currently in Leicester and Leicestershire this is provided by JHMT and other organisations and we encourage all institutions to adopt CPR training and Defibrillator Awareness into their core training.
  • To increase the number of AEDs, promoting and supporting all groups to provide an AED that is available 24/7 to the surrounding community (often described as a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD)). The existence of this CPAD will be made known to the ambulance service
  • Deliver an ongoing programme of targeted events to raise the public awareness of SADS

1. An annual SADS Conference / Workshop for medical and associated professions. This will include ECG interpretation, the presentation, incidence and outcomes from SADS and "hands-on" CPR training. This will take place in March / April each year.

2. A series of lectures encompassing SADS, CPR training and AED acquisition with a particular focus on sports practitioners (e.g. PE Teachers, school nurses, sports coaches, and sports managers). This will also form a key part of the programme during the annual SADS Awareness Week – first week of October.

  • Support a newly-created University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) clinic. JHMT will fund, for one year, a Nurse Specialist for this clinic. The remit of the clinic includes:

1. The investigation of patients deemed to be at risk of a sudden cardiac event.

2. The investigation of SADS-affected families after a tragedy has occurred.

  • Fund a bereavement support specialist within UHL. The aim of the holder of this post is to improve and standardise the support currently provided to families following an unanticipated death in those up to the age of 18. This will include cardiac-associated deaths and will help the families deal with the difficulties experienced at this time, including guidance through the coronial system. The funding will be for one year and will be reviewed prior to offering an extension of funds.

Inspire Awards

Fulfilling the Potential of Young People

To establish and develop further the Inspire Awards Scheme programme within Leicester and Leicestershire for young people, 13 – 21 years old, which will enable them to develop their full potential and capabilities