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Young artists ‘shine’ at this year’s Lord Lieutenant’s Young People Awards 2015

For the second year in succession, the Lord Lieutenant's Young People Awards included the young artist of the year category (The Joe Humphries Memorial Award): to be given to a young person who has demonstrated real skill, innovation and expression in the following

  • Visual arts
  • Expressive arts
  • Literature
  • Music

Following in the footstep of the inaugural winner of 2014, the talented musician Christian Smaditch, once again there was an incredible range of artist work to choose from as the awards provided the platform for young artists from across the city and county to express themselves.

The final three finalists who were chosen for the Young Artist of the year award 2015 (TheJoe Humphries Memorial Award) were:

  • Ella Joyce from Leicester is 18 and studying at Loughborough University – former student at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College.
  • Sharma-Dunn is 15 and studying at Sir Jonathan North Community College
  • Ruby Ward is 16 and studying at Judgemeadow College

See below citations and range of work submitted from talented and inspirational young artists from Leicestershire. Despite having to overcome many obstacles and challenges, these are three

Category winner, Ella Joyce from Leicester is 18 and studying at Loughborough University

Ella has shown incredible artistic ability. Over the past two years she has studied A level art at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College. She attained an A* in A level fine art having attained 100% in all four modules and went on to win a QE award for outstanding achievement in fine art.

This year she was granted a place at Worcester College, Oxford University, to study fine art at the Ruskin School of Fine Art. There were 255 applications made for the 25 places offered.

Ella has attained a commission to illustrate a graphic publication, and in 2013 she obtained work experience in a London advertising agency which used some of her graphic work in one of their accounts. When she was in year 10 at Sir Jonathan North School she designed a children's book that went on to win best production out of more than 1,200 applications.

Ella has managed to achieve all this despite the fact that her father was diagnosed in May 2013 as having a very aggressive cancer. He was extremely ill because of this and despite a short period of remission he died in September 2014. Ella was very close to and proud of her father and this was a terrible time for her.

Ella's tutors have remarked on her incredible drawing ability and when preparing her portfolio for Oxford University she was told that her life drawing was some of the best they had seen. Despite all this praise Ella is incredibly modest about her achievements.

Ella spends most of her time engaged in artistic activity being full time on an Art foundation course at Loughborough University and also working on her graphic story project.

Ella has received universal praise from family, friends and peers who have all been delighted to see her achieve so much despite the considerable difficulties she has faced over the past year.

Commended: Orlan Sharma-Dunn is 15 and studying at Sir Jonathan North Community College

Orlan has done some remarkable art work for her age despite an extremely debilitating illness. Orlan has been ill on and off since Swine Flu in yr 7. She was finally diagnosed with ME and Postural Tachicardia syndrome in 2013. She is only able to attend school part-time and has had to drop a number of her GCSEs. She spends a huge amount of her time in bed and is quite socially isolated because of her illness.

In yr 10 Orlan won a place on the De Montfort University Gifted and Talented Art and Design course, which took place over the Easter Holidays. She won the school's Autumn photography competition as well that year. In her spare time, when she is well enough, she draws, paints, takes photos, designs and makes her own clothes.

Orlan is an accomplished pianist and is mostly self-taught, playing by ear, as she struggles to read music, due to her dyslexia! She is really passionate about couture and vintage fashion and is interested in becoming a fashion historian, amongst other things.

She has applied for a place on a college-based BTEC course in Art and Design for next year and hopes to go onto University to study Art or Fashion, if her health permits.

Her illness has shaped her into a kind, thoughtful and mature young woman. Orlan has shown how, with a passion and determination, it is possible to succeed and develop a talent, even if access to education is limited because of illness. She

has managed to get good exam results despite only being able to attend school part time and having a lot of time off. She has never given up on her dream of being a fashion historian or artist.

Orlan seems to spend most of her waking hours in an artistic pursuit of some sorts, whether that be drawing, sewing, or playing the piano.

  • 43b Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43c Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43d Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43e Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43f Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43 Sharman Dunn Orlan
  • 43a Sharnan Dunn Orlan

Commended: Ruby Ward is 16 and studying at Judgemeadow College

Ruby has used her outstanding musical talents to help herself to overcome problems with confidence and self-esteem, and to energise other students to play and perform with her.

Although a shy student, when Ruby does make a contribution in class her intelligence and ability shine through. This was particularly evident in music lessons. As the weeks

progressed, Ruby attended the school orchestra rehearsals with her flute, and it was quickly evident that she had a real talent for music. She performed her first solo in a concert in year 7 with real style and panache, in front of an audience of over two hundred parents and students. Ruby's confidence continued to grow as, term

by term, she worked at her flute and guitar skills and progressed quickly through graded assessments.

She persuaded a few of her friends to join her after school to play and work on songs together. There is now a core of musicians from the school, with Ruby as the driving force, all of whom take a major part in school concerts, who have musical instrument lessons, and organise fund raising concerts.

Ruby has made a great difference to music at our school and beyond. Her band consists of 5 of our musicians who have been supported, inspired and encouraged by her. This band has played at 9 school performances over the last three years. Each performance has exceeded the last in terms of the difficulty of the songs they have

played, the increasingly polished level of performance and the way in which the band, but notably Ruby, have pushed themselves to improve week on week, concert by concert.

Teaching staff at the school have been amazed at Ruby's abilities and strengths. They

have seen a remarkable journey from Ruby's first day at school to the present, as she prepares to take her exams and progress to college to study music as one of her A Levels.

Ruby Ward Counting Stars

Ruby Ward Counting Stars

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Ruby Ward Counting Stars

Ruby ward Radioactive Mix

Ruby Ward Radioactive Mix

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Ruby Ward Radioactive Mix

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